Each student will be assigned a temporary faculty advisor upon admission – usually the Director. As the student progresses through the program, he/she will select an advisor that will likely also serve as Chair of their Professional Project committee.  As the student develops a proposal for their professional project, he/she should work with the advisor to select a Professional Project Committee consistent with his/her interests in the broad field of water resources.  The Committee usually consists of three members, two of whom must be UNM tenure/tenure track or research faculty.  Qualified professionals from off-campus frequently serve on Professional Project Committees.  UNM requirements for graduate committees is given on page 75 of the 2007-2008 UNM catalog.

Each student, in consultation with his/her faculty advisor, must complete a Coursework Proposal form in the second semester in residence (for full-time students) or by the time the student has taken 12 graduate credits. This will be submitted to the WRP Office and serve as a guide for future course selection. It is, of course, subject to change, but it will help the student focus his or her interests.

The role of the faculty advisor is to mentor the student with regard to academic questions relating to the MWR degree (such as identifying appropriate classes or chairing the student’s project committee), and to support the student in his/her professional development. At least once each semester, the student should meet with the advisor to review his or her progress, proposed coursework, and to consider future academic and career decisions. A student may change his/her advisor, but must keep the WRP Office informed as to his/her current faculty advisor. Once a student selects a chair for his/her Professional Project committee, that person becomes the student’s advisor.