Application Deadlines

For students who are U.S. citizens admission deadlines are November 30 for the Spring semester and July 30 for the Fall semester. For international students the deadlines are August 1 for the Spring semester and March 1 for the Fall semester. Students (except those seeking readmission to the MWR degree program) are not admitted for the summer session. Students seeking financial aid should apply as early as possible. For example, financial aid decisions for students entering in fall are generally made by late March or so. Students should apply as soon as possible as the WRP may limit the number of students admitted each semester.

Administrative Requirements for MWR Students

MWR students must familiarize themselves with UNM administrative requirements for this academic program and bear ultimate responsibility for complying with these criteria.  A flow chart depicting the sequence of events in progressing through the MWR program is given in Appendix II.  Students should consult it frequently to ensure they are on track for completing all degree requirements.

Note: The UNM Office of Graduate Studies is very strict in enforcing all deadlines.  Failure to comply may delay the student’s graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to be cognizant of these dates and to and to meet these deadlines.  Current information about these deadlines and OGS forms are available at

Coursework Proposal (WRP form)

Submit a Coursework Proposalto the WRP Office by the end of the second semester in residence or by the time the student has completed 12 graduate credits.  This is a WRP internal form and is downloadable from the WRP web site. OGS Program of Study forms will not be signed until the aforementioned form is on file. This form must be typed.

Approved Professional Project Proposal

The final copy of the proposal should have a signature page similar to the Professional Project signature page, signed by each committee member. The OGS form specifically pertaining to graduation (the Announcement of Examination form) will not be signed nor will a student be placed on the OGS Graduation List until an approved Professional Project proposal is on file.

Program of Study (POS; OGS form)

The UNM Office of Graduate Studies requires that students submit an approved Program of Studies in the semester prior to the one in which the student expects to graduate.  The deadlines are: October 1 for Spring graduation; March 1 for Summer graduation; and July 1 for Fall graduation. This form lists the courses that apply towards the degree, including non-degree courses and those to be transferred from another institution. Submit the form to the WRP Office four working days prior to the OGS due date. Students are encourage to submit POS forms earlier than the deadlines to assure they receive full review. A student must obtain their advisor’s signature on the POS before submitting it to the WRP Office. Please read the instructions for this form before attempting to fill it out. This form must be typed.

The following information will be required on the Program of Study: the graduate unit is the “Water Resources Program”; the major code is 429; the degree name is “Master of Water Resources” and its abbreviation is “MWR”; it is a Plan II (non-thesis) degree; and there are two formal concentrations: Hydroscience and Policy/Management.

Once a student has submitted the Program of Study, s/he must not deviate from the courses listed without his/her advisor’s permission and without informing the WRP Office. Unreported deviations could delay a student’s graduation when OGS performs its graduation check – checking actual coursework versus what is listed on the Program of Study.

Notice of Intent to Graduate – OGS Graduation List

No form is required, but you must notify the WRP Office of your intent to graduate according to the following deadlines: December 1 (Spring graduation); May 1 (Summer graduation); and July 15 (Fall graduation).

Announcement of Examination (OGS form)

An Announcement of Examination form must be submitted to OGS at least two weeks before the date of the Professional Project defense. Submit to the WRP office four working days prior to the OGS due date.

Graduation/Defense Dates

To graduate in a particular semester, all requirements (successful defense of the Professional Project, committee approval of the Professional Project report and submission of four approved, bound copies of the Professional Project report to the WRP Office), except for courses the student may be taking, must be completed by a certain date. These dates are: November 15 for fall graduation; April 15 for spring graduation; and July 15 for summer graduation.

A student can schedule his/her Master’s exam after these dates, but the effective graduation date will not be until the end of the next semester. For example, a student who successfully defends her professional project on April 28 would not formally receive her degree until August (the end of the summer session).

A student must be registered for at least one credit of WR 598 during the semester in which graduation occurs.


Students are often in a quandary about where to submit forms, whom to ask about certain matters, etc. This section will help clear up those issues.

Flow Chart

A flow chart depicting the sequence of events in moving through the MWR degree program is in the appendices of the MWR Program Guide and downloadable here. Students should consult it frequently to ensure they are on track for completing all degree requirements.

Nuts and Bolts

Questions involving deadlines, status of applications (admissions, financial aid, etc.), the scheduling of professional project defenses, all forms, and similar issues should be directed to the Water Resources Program’s Administrative Assistant II, Annamarie Cordova (Economics Building room 1048; Fax: 277-5226; Voice: 277-7759; Email:, who will strive to respond within two business days.

Coursework, Advisement, Program of Study

Questions involving coursework, program of study, etc., (i.e., advisement issues) should be addressed to the Director or the student’s advisor/committee chair (the Director serves as a student’s temporary advisor until the student decides upon a permanent one). A student’s advisor is the same person as the chair of his/her Professional Project committee, i.e., someone who has professional interests similar to the student’s.

For questions about a specific course (prerequisites, what’s covered, etc.) it is best to contact the course instructor (some instructors may have their course syllabi online – check the department’s home page). Courses evolve over time, so the best source of information is the instructor. All main campus UNM course descriptions, including prerequisites, are in the University Catalog, which is online at (click on “University Catalog”). Semester schedules are also at the same URL (click on “Schedule of Classes”). School of Law courses and schedules are at Note that School of Law classes may have different start/end dates than classes on the Main Campus

Professional Project

Questions involving the Professional Project, the Professional Project report, and Professional Project defense should be directed to the chair of the student’s Professional Project committee. The time/date of the Professional Project defense is something the student and his/her committee agree upon. Once the time and date are set, ask the WRP Office to schedule a room and prepare the proper form.

Students are encouraged to examine previous Professional Projects.  All projects since 1999 are part of the Zimmerman library collection.  Projects since 2005 are available electronically at


There are a number of UNM forms that must be submitted on time. All such forms are submitted to OGS through the WRP Office. If an advisor or committee chair’s signature is required on the form and it is someone other than the Director, please obtain the signature(s) before submitting it to the WRP Office. Please note that the WRP Office needs to get OGS forms at least four working days (sooner if possible) before they are due to OGS the forms are checked for accuracy before securing the Director’s signature. If the WRP Office receives a form any later, the student runs the risk that the Director will not be around to sign it or that there will not be time to check it, in which case it will not be submitted on time. The upshot: submit forms as early as possible.