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Master of Water Resources Degree Requirements

The MWR degree is recognized by the Office of Graduate Studies as a Plan II (non-thesis) degree. There are two concentrations: 1) Hydroscience (HS); and 2) Policy/Management (PM). Concentrations will appear on student transcripts once the Student Information System (SIS) is implemented.

Thirty-nine (39) credits are required for the degree. Three (3) of these are WR 598 - Professional Project; the remaining 36 credits are distributed as follows:

1) All Students
All students must take WR 571, WR 572, and WR 573, plus 3 credits of WR 598 - Professional Project (note: you can take as many credits of WR 598 as you want, but only 3 count towards the degree) which total 15 credits. The remaining courses are taken from three different groups (“distribution requirements”); the distribution of courses taken from these groups depends upon her/his concentration.

1) MWR-HS concentration. 15 credits from Group I, with at least one course from each category; 6 credits from Group II, from two different categories; 3 credits from Group III (total: 24 credits).


2) MWR- PM concentration
6 credits from Group I with courses from two different categories; 15 credits from GroupII, with at least one course in any 3 of the 4 categories; 3 credits from Group III (total: 24 credits)

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