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Professional Projects

Note: professional projects were not required prior to 1995.  Those completed between 1999 through 2009 are available in Zimmerman Library.  Professional Projects completed since 2006 are available electronically through the University of New Mexico Library's Dspace and a link to the Full Text is provided when available. The committee chair is shown in parentheses.

Harwood, A. KyleThe Urban Stormwater Contribution of Dissolved Trace Metals from the North Floodway Channel, Albuquerque, NM, to the Rio Grande. April 1995. (M. Campana and C. White)

Sandoval, Tina MarieStriking A Balance: Potential Legal And Institutional Constraints On The Use Of San Juan-Chama Water and Groundwater As-Needed To Meet Albuquerque's Long-Term Water Demand. November 1995. (F. L. Brown)

Newman, GretchenErosion Study in Tajique Watershed. February 1996. (R. Heggen) Full Text

Hofstad, Steven CSediment and Nutrient Loss Following Prescribed Fire in Semiarid Grasslands: the Potential for Water Resource Impairment. December 1996. (F.L. Brown)

Nelson, TerryPast and Present Solid Waste Landfills in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.  June 1997. (F. L. Brown) Full Text

Hauck, BillA Water Audit of Albuquerque Manor Retirement Home: A Potential for Water Savings Study and Economic Analysis. June 1998. (F. Lee Brown) Full Text

Krause, TomWho Speaks for the Rio Jemez?  A Management Plan for the Lower Jemez River Basin. June 1998. (M. Campana) Full Text

Fitzner, AprilPhysical and Legal Aspects of River Rehabilitation, Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico. December 1998. (M. Campana) Full Text

Brouillard, Elaine SErosion Potential of the Main Branch of the Piedras Marcadas Watershed, Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico. March 1999. (M. Campana) Full Text

Renn, Richard MAssessment and Management of the Arroyo Del Coyote Watershed, Sandia National Laboratories and Environs, New Mexico. March 1999. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Childs, Marquis BSoil Radionuclide Concentrations and Preliminary Stormwater Model Assessment at Material Disposal Area G, Los Alamos National Laboratory. April 1999. (M. Campana) Full Text

Peterson, Jeffrey LCoordinated Water Resource Planning for the Sandia Basin - A Perspective into Regional Water Planning Needs.  May 1999. (M. Campana)

Sato, HirotakaWater Pricing Strategy for the City of Albuquerque's Sustainable Water Use.  July 1999. (D. Brookshire) Full Text

Gordan, Linda IWater Supply Sustainability Through Water Banking. April 2000. (M. Campana)

McLean, Christopher TEstimates of Radionuclide Loading to Cochiti Lake from Los Alamos Canyon using Manual and Automated Sampling. April 2000. (M. Campana)

McDonald, William SUrbanization of Seven Springs, New Mexico: An Evaluation of Current and Projected Impacts on Ground- and Surface-Water Resources. June 2000. (M. Campana) Full Text

Gillard, Nancy JAn Environmental Analysis of the Drycleaning Industry: A New Mexico Perspective. July 2000. (B. Thomson) Full Text

O’Neil, Joy KVolunteer River Monitoring Plan for the Urban Reach of the Santa Fe Watershed. July 2000. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Gray, Neil WIssues in Managing Erosion: The Spring Timber Sale Case Study, El Rito Ranger District, Carson National Forest, New Mexico.  July 2000. (W. Fleming)

Just, Robin LModeling Flow and Sediment Transport in the Rio Puerco Using a SWAT/GIS Interface. September 2000. (W. Fleming)

Cook, Casey WA Mixing Cell Model of the Fernley, Nevada, Groundwater System. November 2000. (M. Campana)

Smith, Katherine AComparison of Two Riparian Assesment Surveys: Proper Functioning Condition and the New Mexico Watershed Watch Riparian Survey.   November 2000. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Walters, Tobin KPCB Remediation Alternatives on the St. Lawrence River Near Massena, New York: Quantitative Impacts to the Industry  the Mohawk Indian Nation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. November 2000. (M. Campana)

Bitner, Kelly ACost of Compliance with a Lower Arsenic Drinking Water Standard in New Mexico. January 2001.(B. Thomson)

Vardaro-Charles, PatriciaAn Evaluation of Water Treatment Technologies Piloted at LANL to Improve Cooling Tower Water Efficiency. February 2001. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Hunter, AndreaEnvironmental Disturbance of Oligotrophic Bacteria and Effects on Water Quality in Deep Karst Pools. March 2001. (C. Dahm)

Cotter, T. JefferyPoint-of-Use Arsenic Remediation Using Activated Alumina. June 2001. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Mandeville, DebbyErosion Impacts from Recreation in the Enchanted Tower Climbing Area, New Mexico. August 2001. (T.J. Ward) Full Text

Kerven, ClaireBenefits and Costs of Diverting 0.2 MGD Influent from Los Alamos County Wastewater System to Los Alamos National Laboratory Sanitary Wastewater System. November 2001. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Evans-Carmichael, SherryRancho West Estates Water Distribution System Replacement Funding Project. November 2001. (M. Campana)

Diehl, Danielle DMicrobially Mediated Reduction of U(VI) in Groundwater at a Site in Konigstein, Germany. December 2001. (B. Thomson)

Grassel, Kathy.  Taking Out the Jacks: Issues of Jetty Jack Removal in Bosque and River Restoration Planning. April 2002. (M. Campana)

Shean, Jr, Frederic LAssessment of Conjunctive-Use Strategies for Water Resources Development in the South Valley Area, Bernalillo County, New Mexico. July 2002. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Romero, Orlando CA Convective Thunderstorm Case Study in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Does the Urban Heat Island Affect Precipitation? July 2002. (J. Coonrod)

Van Eeckhout, MarkIntegrating HEC-RAS and ArcView in Predicting Post-wildfire 100-year Floodplains on the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos, New Mexico. August 2002. (J. Coonrod) Full Text

Nims, Joshua SEffects of Summer Climate on Water Demand in Albuquerque, New Mexico. August 2002. (D. Gutzler)

Bruerd, BarakDesigning A Village Water Supply System in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study in Third World Development. May 2003. (J. Coonrod) Full Text

Gabora, Michael MA d18O Calibrated Compartmental Mixing Cell Model of Groundwater Flow in the Roswell Basin, Southeastern New Mexico. May 2003. (M. Campana)

Riebsomer, EricChemistry Variation During Purging of Alluvial Wells at Los Alamos National Laboratory. May 2003. (M. Campana and D. Rogers) Full Text

Bentley, JessicaConstructed Surface Flow Wetlands for Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment in New Mexico. May 2003. (M. Campana)

Paretchan, Lynne MWater Resource Management Strategies: Deschutes Basin, Oregon. August 2003. (M. Campana) Full Text

Ewing, AmyWater Quality and Public Health Monitoring of Surface Waters in the Kura-Araks River Basin of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. August 2003. (M. Campana) 

Stropki, Cody Lee.  Restoration Treatments in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque: Effects on Soil Compaction. December 2003. (J. Coonrod)

Gregg Bassore, Kerry.  Evaluating Stormwater Best Management Practices in a Small Urban Watershed: A Case Study of the Adobe Acres Drainage Basin in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. December 2003. (J. Coonrod and W. Fleming) Full Text

Joshi, Uday V.  Selective Tree Thinning in the Santa Fe Municipal Watershed for Water Yield Augmentation. May 2004 (W. Fleming) Full Text

Kolk, Stephen M.  Assessment and Preliminary Design of a Water Supply Project for the Village of Altos de las Paz, Honduras. May 2004. (J. Coonrod) Full Text

Amato, Ron.  Surface Water Quality of the Gallinas River in and around Las Vegas, New Mexico. August 2004. (L. Crossey) Full Text

O’Rourke, Meaghan.  Appropriate Erosion Control Techniques for the Rural Hillsides of Honduras. August 2004. (M. Campana) Full Text

Brown, Kathyrn DPharmaceutically Active Compounds in Residential and Hospital Effluent, Municipal Wastewater, and the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico. December 2004. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Louise, Amy.  Sustainable Water Supply for the Village of Kpandu Dafor, Volta Region, Ghana. December 2004. (M. Campana and V. Perry) Full Text

Iwhish, HaniFresh Water Supply Enhancement Through Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for West Bank Rural Communities. December 2004. (M. Campana)

Marcell, Nicole L.  Exposure Evaluation of an Aviation Gasoline Release at a Municipal Airport in Central Wisconsin. December 2004. (M. Campana) Full Text

Robinson, Eric CPoint-of-Use Water Treatment Using Solar Pasteurization. May 2005. (B. Thomson)

Luna, Melanie LPotential for Ground-Water Contamination from Deep Well Injection of Produced Waters in the Salt Basin, New Mexico. May 2005. (M. Campana) Full Text

Chora, Rosemarie. The Management of Nonpoint Sources of Contamination from the Embudo Watershed in the Vicinity of Albuquerque, New Mexico. August 2005. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Klise, Geoffrey TPotential Options to Reduce ESA Liability for Private New Mexico Irrigators Who May be Liable for a Section 9 ‘Take’. August 2005. (O.P. Matthews)

Henderson, Heidi RNutrient Criteria Recommendations for Eutrophication Management of New Mexico Reservoirs. August 2005. (M. Campana) Full Text

Kundargi, Darrell. Effects of Bovine Exclosure Fencing on Water Quality and Vegetative Conditions, Bluewater Creek, New Mexico. August 2005. (M. Campana and R. Jemison) Full Text

Campbell Parrish, JulesDynamic Simulation Modeling of Groundwater Basins in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, Colorado-New Mexico. August 2005. (M. Campana) Full Text

Stansifer, GaryAnalysis of the Mixing of Treated Effluent Discharge, Surface Water and Shallow Ground Water Using Anionic Constituents. December 2005. (C. Dahm) Full Text

Neir, AlyssaThe History of the Federal Government’s Involvement in Water Resources: An Attempt to Correct Externalities? December 2005 (D. Brookshire)

Sanchez. Blane MChical Area On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Management, Pueblo of Isleta, New Mexico. December 2005 (B. Thomson) Full Text

Heemink, BarbaraAn Assessment of Domestic Water Consumption Discrepancies Between Commercial Farms and Majengos Along South Moi Lake Road, Lake Naivasha, Kenya. December 2005 (M. Campana) Full Text

Demint, Ann. Integrating a GIS-Produced, Reach-Based Hydrological Analysis into a Dynamic Surface Water Model of the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico. December 2005. (J. Coonrod)

Martinez, A. Pete. Using Geographic Information Systems to Predict Changes in Water Quality due to Erosional Processes. December 2005.(J. Coonrod) Full Text

Montaño Allred, Jennifer. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Induced Meandering Within an Incised, Discontinuous Gully System Post-Wildfire Within the Valle Vidal, Carson National Forest, New Mexico. December 2005. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Casey, Christine. Community Management for Improved Sustainability: Case Studies of Three Rural Community Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Honduras. December 2005. (C. Issac) Full Text

Rawlings, Matthew. Variables to Consider When Transferring Water Rights in New Mexico. December 2005. (O.P. Matthews) Full Text

Mozumder, Pallab. Exploring Flood Mitigation Strategies in Bangladesh. December 2005. (M. Campana) Full Text

Arvidson, JulieRelationship of Forest Thinning and Selected Water Quality Parameters in the Santa Fe Municipal Watershed, New Mexico.  May 2006.  (T. J. Ward) Full Text

Lundahl, AndersQuantifying, Monitoring, and Improving the Efficiency of Flood Irrigation in the Hydrosphere of Candelaria Farms Preserve, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  May 2006.  (J. Stormont)

Putney, TaraThe Sustainable Restoration and Development of Parque Landeta and the Presa de Las Colinas Wetland Through Effective Community Participation San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.  May 2006.  (M. Campana) Full Text

Lane, Matthew.  Corrective Action Plan for the New Mexico Landfill.  August 2006.  (M. Campana) Full Text

Vener, Berrin BasakThe Kura-Araks BasinL Obstacles and Common Objectives for an Integrated Water Resources Management Model among Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.  August 2006.  (M. Campana) Full Text

Funk, AndrewThe Potential of Water Saving and Water Capturing Innovations: A Case Study of Albuquerque Single Family Homes.  December 2006.  (J. Chermak, J. Coonrod) Full Text

Geery, EmilyUsing Instream Flows on the Gila River to Provide Benefits for the Environment and the Economy.  December 2006.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

McGann, Jeanine KThe Effects of a Prescribed Burn on Streambed Sediments, Macroinvertebrate Assemblages, and Water Quality in the Valle Toledo, Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico.  December 2006.  (C. Dahm) Full Text

Dyer, James RGroundwater-Surface Water Interactions: Effects of Geothermal Spring Inputs to Jemez River Water Quality.  May 2007.  (L. Crossey) Full Text

Humphries, ChristinaRural Sustainability Using Rainwater Harvesting:  From Rainwater to Tap Water in Alto, New Mexico.  May 2007.  (O. P. Matthews) Full Text

Tinklenberg, AnneliaWill the Minute System Work to Modernize the International Boundary and Water Commission?  August 2007.  (O. P. Matthews) Full Text

Shuryn, Danielle MMonitoring and Assessment of Sedimentation in Stream Channels of New Mexico.  August 2007.  (T. Ward) Full Text

Kindel, SharonTen Things You Should Know About Water before Going to High School: Incorporating Local Water Resources Issues Into the Albuquerque, New Mexico Public School System Science Curriculum.  August 2007.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

Phillips, Robert WMeasuring Deep Percolation for an Irrigated Alfalfa Crop in South Central Colorado.  August 2007.  (J. Stormont) Full Text

Weber, Sherry LEvaluation of Two Washington State Department of Transportation Stormwater Facilities along State Route 18 Highway.  August 2007.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Jones, Kerry MRelationship Between a 700-MB “Dry/Wind” Index and Springtime Precipitation and Streamflow Within Four Snowmelt-Dominated Basins in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.  December 2007.  (D. Gutzler) Full Text

Edwards, Anthony DDetection of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Rio Grande Basin above Cochiti Dam: Sources & Significance.  December 2007.  (Constantine Hadjilambrinos) Full Text

Wiley, CodyModeling Third Party Effects of Water Rights Transfers in a Hypothetical Middle Rio Grande Irrigation Community.  December 2007.  (O. P. Matthews) Full Text

Skancke, Jennie REvaluation of Constructed Wetland Performance in New Mexico, 2007.  December 2007.  (B. M. Thomson) Full Text

Bonfantine, KristaFuel Reduction Treatment Effects on Semiarid Woodland Ecohydrology.  December 2007.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

Stokes, CynthiaManaging Water Resources in New Mexico: Climate Trends and Cropping Patterns in the Lower Rio Grande.  December 2007.  (D. Henkel) Full Text

Lee, Katharyn MEvaluation of Selected Ground Water Abatement Strategies for Two Produced Water Impact Sites.  December 2007.  (K. Howe) Full Text

Torres, Leanna THabitat Availability for Rio Grande Silvery Minnow (Hybognathus amarus) Pena Blanca, Rio Grande, New Mexico.  December 2007.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Price, LyndaThe Response of Shallow Groundwater Levels to Fuel Reduction in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque.  December 2007 Full Text

Nolan, Emma OCost Comparison of Perchlorate Treatment Options.  May 2008. (J. Chermak) Full Text

Erdmann, AndrewWatershed Health and Mechanical Fuel Reduction in the Walker Flats.  May 2008. Full Text

Paz-Solis, AliciaDevelopment of a Water Education Module for Middle School Students under the Guidance of the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park and based on EPSCoR funded Research on Evapotranspiration along the Middle Rio Grande.  August 2008. (J. Coonrod) Full Text

LeJeune, ChristianMulti-Year Investigation of Groundwater – Surface Water Interactions in the Vicinity of the Albuquerque Drinking Water Diversion Dam.  August 2008.  (J. Stormont) Full Text

Schultz, Krista MModeling Road Erosion in the Upper Torreon Wash, New Mexico.  December 2008.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Robertson, AndrewSurface Water and Ground Water Interactions of the Rio de las Vacas, NM; Characterizing Exchange and Predicting Response Using Thermal Data.  December 2008.  (J. Coonrod) Full Text

Wollak, JordanModeling Capture Zones to Determine Potential Threats to the Public Water Supply Wells.  December 2008.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Meadows, JakeComparison of Predicted and Observed Flood Flows in Pajarito Canyon Following the 2000 Cerro Grande Fire.  December 2008.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Hardeman, ShawnA Cost-Benefit Analysis of Leak Detection and the Potential of Real Water Savings for New Mexico Water Systems.  December 2008.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Keleher, Christina LNitrate Contaminated Groundwater in Albuquerque’s South Valley: Is Monitored Natural Attenuation an Appropriate Strategy?  December 2008 (B. Thomson) Full Text

Weiss, Ryan MFluvial Geomorphic Response to In-Stream Structures: The Effects of Design, Planning and Restoration of the Comanche Creek Catchment, New Mexico, USA.  December 2008.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

Curtis, Jan MAn Assessment of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions and Water Quality in Bluewater Creek New Mexico.  December 2008.  (L. Crossey) Full Text

Brosnan, Sara HencheyA Case Study of Water Sharing in the San Juan Basin.  May 2009.  (P. Matthews) Full Text

Martinez, LouisUtility Response to Drought: Business of Water Management Practices and Function In View of Decreased Consumption.  August 2009.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Chudnoff, Sara MA Water Quality Assessment of the Rio Katari River and its Principle Tributaries, Bolivia.  December 2009.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Kryder, Leslie RPreparing Water Users in the Lower Rio Grande for Adjudication Through an Informative Workshop.  December 2009.  (D. Henkel) Full Text

Rae, RebeccaUtilizing Jicarilla Apache Knowledge to Enrich the Watershed Watch Program Curriculum for the Benefit of the Jicarilla Apache Youth.  December 2009.  (T. Jojola) Full Text

Schoener, GerhardComparison of AHYMO and HEC-HMS for Runoff Modeling in New Mexico Urban Watersheds.  May 2010. (J. Coonrod) Full Text

LaBadie, Katherine.  Identifying Barriers to Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure in the Albuquerque Area.  May 2010.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

Padilla, MarianaAn Analysis of the Los Padillas Wildlife Sanctuary: A Place-Based Environmental Education Model.  May 2010. (T. Jojola) Full Text

Young, RickPerformance of a Green Roof Lysimeter in an Arid Climate.  August 2010.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Gunning, ChristianEstimating Phreatophyte Evapotranspiration from Diel Groundwater Fluctuations in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque.  December 2009.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Marsee, MeganIntegrating External Costs into Water Utility Asset Management: An Application of the Threshold Break Rate Method.  August 2010.  (J. Thacher) Full Text

Tulley-Cordova, CrystalUsing Polymer Ligand Films for Rapid Radiochemical Analysis.  May 2011.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Tsinnajinnie, LaniAn Analysis of Navajo Nation Snow Courses and Snowpack Data in the Chuska Mountains.  May 2011.  (D. Gutzler) Full Text

Khan, Yasmin.  August 2011.

Scherff, EricChannel Rehabilitation to Increase Aquatic Habitat and Reestablish Floodplain Connectivity on the Upper Gila River.  December 2011.  (C. Dahm) Full Text

Shendo, MarwinPolychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Stormwater From the Pajarito Plateau, Northern New Mexico.  December 2011. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Zemlick, CatherineSuitability Assessment of Non-Potable Water Resources in the Western United States for Future Thermoelectric Cooling Needs.  December 2011. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Henderson, HelenesAnalysis of EPA Radionuclide Data from Water Samples on the Navajo Nation: Chapters of Cove, Red Valley, Sweetwater and Teec Nos Pos.  December 2011.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Johnston, JessicaWetland and Riperian Management Plan Alcalde/Velarde Valley, Upper Rio Grande, New Mexico.  December 2011. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Coats, ChanceImpacts of Potential Development on Groundwater Resources in the Community of Cutter, New Mexico.  December 2011. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Friedman, RachelDevelopment of a Water Conservation Plan for the Town of Buena Vista, Colorado.  May 2012. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Sabu, SandeepModeling Acequia Water Use in the Rio Hondo Watershed.  May 2012. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Roybal, MarcosMeasuring Acequia Functionality: Developing a Tool for Assessing New Mexico’s Community-Based Irrigation Systems.  May 2012. (W. Fleming) Full Text

Wamsley, MiriamEvidence of Ground Water Contamination by On-site Wastewater Systems.  May 2012. (K. Tollestrup) Full Text

Lameman Austin, TerriDistribution of Uranium and Other Trace Constituents in Drainages Downstream from Reclaimed Uranium Mines in Cove Wash, Arizona.  May 2012. (B. Thomson) Full Text

Monfort, RalphAdaptive Management for the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program: Analysis and Issues.  May 2012. (M. Harm Benson) Full Text

Reese, DavidGroundwater, Economic, and Legal Analysis of a Proposed Diversion from the San Agustin Basin of New Mexico.  December 2012.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Blumhoefer, MollyChallenges, Constraints and Opportunities Associated with Development of a Watershed-Based Stormwater Permit in the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico.  December 2012.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Torres, Karen MSources and Controls of Arsenic in the Santa Fe Embayment, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.  December 2012.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Rehder, Belle TSalinity of the Lower Middle Rio Grande, Socorro County, New Mexico.  May 2013.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Kutvirt, Susan GThe Microbial Link in Ecosystem Processing in the East Fork of the Jemez River: Extracellular Enzyme Response to Habitat, Seasonal Fluctuations, and Wildfire Disturbance.  May 2013.  (C. Dahm) Full Text

Miller, Amy RAssessing Change and Resilience in a Northern New Mexico Acequia Irrigation Community.  May 2013.  (W. Fleming) Full Text

Shafer, BetsyMulti-year Measurement of Whole-Stream Metabolism in a Snowmelt-Dominated Montane Ecosystem.  May 2013.  (C. Dahm) Full Text

Payne-Ross, JenniferRevegetation Guidelines for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Closure in Central New Mexico.  May 2013.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Jones, ConstanceEvaluating the Potential for Establishment of Two Aquatic Invasive Plants in New Mexico.  August 2013.  (R. Bixby) Full Text

Lawlis, BryanAn Investigation of Groundwater Age at the Shiprock, NM UMTRCA Site.  December 2013.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Worthington, Jeffrey.  Interpretation of the Potentiometric Surface Along the Rio Grande at Selected Locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  December 2013.  (B. Thomson) Full Text

Wolff, Christopher NInterpolation of Rainfall for the Albuquerque Area: A Comparison of the Primary Local Climatological.  December 2013.  (D. Gutzler) Full Text

Piccarello, Matthew JThe Pueblo of Santa Clara (Kha P’o Owinge) Resilience Project: Maintaining Identity While Preparing for an Uncertain Future.  December 2013.  (W. Fleming)  Embargo lift date: 11/06/2015.

Hooper, AshleyUse of Incentive-Based Pricing: Cataloguing Current Water Rate Structures and Analyzing Community Adopter Characteristics for Select Municipalities in New Mexico.  August 2014.  (R. Berrens)  Full Text

Brown, Jeb EEstimation of Suspended-sediment Concentration Using Instream Turbidity as a Surrogate in the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico.  August 2014.  (C. Dahm)  Full Text

Weinstock, BarryComparison of Electrofishing Fish Surveys and Angler Observation on Three Reaches of the Upper Rio Grande.  August 2014.  (B. Thomson)  Full Text

Paul, MaxineThe Domestic Well Exemption in the West: A Case Study of Santa Fe's Municipal Ordinance.  August 2014.  (R. Berrens) 

Isaacson, ZoePast, Present, Future: The Evolution of a Wetland Treatment System in Dutchman Canyon on Vermejo Park Ranch.  December 2014.  (B. Thomson)  Full Text

Fontenelle, Bernadette BenallyExamining the Rights-of-Way Process for Indian Allotment Lands Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project.  December 2014.  (R. Berrens)  Full Text

Hall, Martha APresence of Total and Hexavalent Chromium in Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority Water Supply and Correlation with Other Constituents.  December 2014.  (B. Thomson)  Full Text

Stauffer, Sophie JInundation Patterns and Their Effect on the Physical and Hydraulic Properties of Floodplain Soils in the Middle Rio Grande Floodplain.  December 2014.  (M. Stone)  Full Text