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University of New Mexico Water Resources Program

Valles Caldera UNM Water Resources Program field camp

Based at the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque, the UNM Water Resources Program is a regionally prominent center of expertise on water-related issues and training for environmental professionals, promoting fair, healthy and sustainable solutions to the challenges of water use in New Mexico and the southwest. Drawing from faculty across the university campus, the interdisciplinary program gives students a chance to explore a rich diversity of academic topics related to water, to further their careers and in the process improve the management of water in the arid West.

The program is led by John Fleck, author of the acclaimed book Water is For Fighting Over: And Other Myths about Water in the West, which the New York Times called "illuminating". Fleck's work, as an academic and a writer for popular audiences, is focused on the Colorado River Basin - its problems as climate change collides with population growth, and its solutions, as communities learn to collaborate in the task of using less water. His service as Water Resources Program director is an extension of that work, helping a new generation of water managers develop the technical skills and policy understanding needed to solve the region's problems.

Undocumented students of all ethnicities and nationalities can find a safe environment and supportive community at the University of New Mexico Water Resources Program. Whether you’re thinking about applying to UNM or already a student, there are various programs to help you transition to and succeed at UNM.

UNM offers a range of support services — from academic and personal counseling, to financial aid and legal advising — that can help you balance being a full-time student while handling other day-to-day challenges you may face. More information is available through UNM Sanctuary Campus and Undocumented UNM.

Water Resources Program Mailing address: MSC0531101 University of New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM, 87131-0001 Physical Location1915 Roma Ave. NE (Economics Building)Room 1048 (505) 277-5226