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UNM and New Mexico Water News


UNM Water Conference Report published

The final report of the May 2018 UNM water conference,  “New Mexico Water: What Our Next Leaders Need to Know”, has been published.

UNM Campus Rainworks Challenge team wins big

UNM's Campus Rainworks Challenge team - students from Landscape Architecture,Architecture, Community and Regional Planning, and Civil Engineering - won second place nationally in annual EPA competition for their rethinking of UNM's Johnson Field.

"One cannot discuss water without first emphasizing interconnections."

Basia Irland, international water artist, scholar, and art professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico, on the role of art in thinking about the world's water resources:

We are water. Our bodies house streams: lymph, bile, sweat, blood, mucus, urine. Water enters, circulates, leaves -- individualized hydrologic cycles. Each of us is a walking river, sloshing down the hallway with damp innards held together by a paper-thin epidermis.

The opportunities and challenges of potable reuse

Opportunities and Challenges for Direct Potable Water Reuse in Arid Inland Communities, a paper by University of New Mexico water faculty members Caroline Scruggs and Bruce Thomson, was recently named the Environmental Water and Resources Institute's best policy paper of 2017.

Snowpack and a dwindling Rio Grande

Climate change is reducing both snowpack and the flows in the Rio Grande, according to new work by University of New Mexico Earth and Planetary Science Sciences masters graduate Shaleene Chavarria and her advisor, UNM climate researcher Dave Gutzler. "Knowing that changes are occurring should motivate those reliant on Rio Grande water to plan for diminished flow in the years ahead, and to support more sustainable and efficient consumptive use of water in the basin," they wrote.

Collaboration, not conflict, on the Colorado River

A newly signed agreement between the United States and Mexico over Colorado River management illustrates how collaboration in water management can overcome conflict between nations, WRP Director John Fleck writes at Island Press.


Oct. 16, Albuquerque

To Rebate or Not to Rebate: The Influences and Deterrents for Residential Customers to Participate in Water Authority Rebates. Masters in Water Resources Defense. Meagan Oldham. University of New Mexico Economics Room 1015, 3 p.m.

Nov. 15-16, 2018, Santa Fe

New Mexico Produced Water Conference"Policy, Regulations and Economics to Support Total Resource Recovery".

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